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Life Expectancy Septic Systems, Septic Inspections

Septic Systems are very expensive to replace when the septic system reaches the end of its useful life. Aside from the cost of replacing a septic system that is no longer functional is the inconvenience. Having a septic system fail during the Super Bowl or a huge party at the home is a frequent occurrence. Septic systems like all other systems in your home are likely to fail when stressed. Just as you may be stressed over the large number of people in your home your septic system will soon be given a real work out.

Septic Systems Life expectancy system can vary from a very long time if it is properly installed in sandy soil to a very short time if the septic system is installed in poor soils or is in a wet area.

There are many factors that determine the life of a septic system. High water tables can drown out the bacteria and cause the septic system to fail. The lack of porous soil can lead to the worst case situation, a sewer back up. Yes a sewer back up is just what you think it is. Everything that is flushed down the toilet begins to enter the home if it can not drain out to the street.

As my engineer friend told me sewage is 99.9% liquid however it is not all water. The .01% is solid human waste and some other percentage is liquid human waste. Neither are welcome in my home and I suspect you also have a strict no sewage in the basement rule.

Most septic systems allow sewage to be discharged into a holding tank where biological action begins to take place prior to having the liquids enter a field where they are piped out to dissipate into ground water after bacteria render the sewage inert. If the field is wet or saturated sewage can not dissipate into the soil and will back out into the home or back out of the sewage area and saturate it. In any event it will not be pretty.

If you have a septic system and you wish to avoid premature failure pump it often. If you pump the sewage every two years instead of every three years it cost a very small dollar amount extra. $250 to pump septic system every 3 years $250 / 3= $84 per year Vs $125 per year if you pump the system every two years. Since you can not even get dinner for two for the $42 extra a year it pays to get the septic cleaned every other year.

Frequent septic tank pumping can save you large sums of money by postponing replacement of the septic system. Increasing the life expectancy of a septic system should be your priority.

Known ways to increase the life expectancy of your septic system include: frequent pumping, keeping paint out of the system, not washing paint brushes out in the sink, removing waste grinders from the kitchen sink, not flushing things that were not intended to be flushed like paper towels and sanitary napkins, keeping trucks off the drainage field, avoiding large surges of water by distributing water use during the day or week.

Septic System Inspectors: Although others have been happy with their services, you may not be happy with them. Gerald Gardner a Licensed Professional Engineer to inspect septic systems. The inspection includes opening the tank, inspection of in-ground system including field, use of camera if needed, consultation with client, restoring area to condition prior to opening and comprehensive report $ 450 Call 201-951-6108. Or Classic Septic Inspections at 973-900-1330. Or Excavating NJ ask for Mike 800-741-3922 or 973-475-4304. Please do your own research to find contractors you determine are competent to perform the inspection.

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