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Teaneck NJ Home Inspections are my specialty.

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I’ve performed just about 190 home inspections in Teaneck NJ since 1993 (as of 2/2020). Wow for a small town that is a lot of homes. Odds are I inspected homes not only in your neighborhood but on your street. My unique familiarity with Teaneck, its homes, and its own characteristics make me the ideal person to hire to inspect what may be your new home. No matter if you are buying one of the old historic homes, a newer home, or a condominium I have the training, education, and expertise to provide you with information about the home that can help you be more aware of the problem within the home and often allow you to negotiate a better deal on the home.

Realize most home sellers want you to purchase the home exactly how it stands and that just about all real estate agents are paid by and work for the seller of the home. Take a moment to read the brochure your real estate agent provided to you about the laws of agency. After you do so I am sure you will realize it is a very good idea that you select a home inspector who will be working for you and only for you during the home buying process.

Goal one of home inspector Michael Del Greco is for each and every one of our clients to send us their friends and relatives they like. Accurate Inspections gets the majority of our new home inspection clients from word of mouth rather than our catering to the interests of sale related parties.

Anyone buying a home or condominium in Teaneck NJ should consider hiring the best and most experienced home inspector they can afford in order to help avoid expensive surprises after they purchase the home and own all the problems. To those who do not have to pay to fix problems no problem is a big deal. My guess is a home buyer who gets stuck paying for the problem will feel differently. Your thoughts?

I look forward to performing your home inspection.

Home Inspections Teaneck NJ
Home Inspections Teaneck NJ
Home Inspections Teaneck NJ
Home Inspections Teaneck NJ

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