Home inspectors have different skill sets

Home inspectors have different skill sets

Choosing a home inspector is very important when you’re buying a house. You want to get someone you can trust, and someone who will do a thorough job of inspecting the house so you can have peace of mind about your purchase. Not all home inspectors are alike, though, and they can have different skill sets you’ll want to consider. Depending on the kind of house you’re buying, you may even want to have more than one type of home inspector look at the property before you commit to purchasing it. For example, you may have a standard home inspection and then a pest inspection, or a more detailed inspection of any areas or systems you’re concerned about.

So you can hire a full time home inspector who has performed more than 10,000 home inspections for home buyers since 1993 with 7 years of construction experience before that or hire the new guy who just can not wait to learn how to inspect a home.

You also need to consider that some home inspectors spend most of their time looking at particular types of homes or properties, and if you have a different type of property that you’re buying, a different inspector could be a better choice. If you’re under contract on a very old home, or a farm, or a multi-family property – or anything else that might be out of the ordinary – consider shopping around for an inspector who specializes in those types of properties. When you get the right inspector with the appropriate skill set, you can get the home inspection you really need for the kind of property you have.

Even if you’re buying a property that’s very standard for your area, talking with a home inspector about their strengths and skill set can help you choose the best inspector for your needs and the house you’ve chosen. You want to make sure your home gets inspected thoroughly, and that the inspector takes a careful look at all the main structural areas and systems throughout the house. With the right skill set, your inspector will help ensure that the house you’re buying is solid, and that everything works as it should, so you can be confident when you and the seller get to the closing table.

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