Home inspectors are not all the same

Home inspectors are not all the same

When you choose a home inspector, don’t just pick the one your real estate agent told you about, or the first company to appear in your internet search.

Don’t just use someone suggested to you by your lender, your Realtor, the home’s seller, or anyone else. Each home inspector is different, and you want the one you trust and feel you can work with. There’s no point in hiring a home inspector just because they cost a little less or someone else has given them a good review. Price shouldn’t be your deciding factor, and the fact that someone else liked them doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way.

Since home inspectors are not all the same, you’ll want to make sure you do a little research on the inspectors you’re considering. Buying a house is a big investment, and a home inspection can make a lot of difference when it comes to negotiating with the seller about the price or needed repairs. If you choose an inspector who doesn’t do a thorough job, you may find that you’ve overpaid for a home that needs costly repairs, or that you could have asked for some of those repairs to be done by the seller before closing.

By choosing a home inspector you feel comfortable with, and one that can answer all your questions, you can feel good about the inspection process and the purchase of your house. When you have a good home inspector, you know the good and bad things about the house you’re buying, and you can decide if anything uncovered during the home inspection is going to be a problem or should affect the price. That gives you a stronger position in any negotiations with the seller, and also helps you have a good checklist of anything you want to repair or replace once the house is yours. The right inspector can make your home-buying process a better one.

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