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Home Inspection Reviews 2018

Ryan K., Rahway, NJ September 30, ’18
“Michael has been so clear and accurate with all his points. He was very thorough, that everything was pointed out and gave clear instruction to fixes.”

Christine P. & Vincent M., North Bergen< NJ September 29, ’18
“Michael was extremely thorough and we couldn’t have been both happier and more impressed with his process. His expertise and process are well worth the price.”

Stephanie E., Morris Plains, NJ September 28, ’18
“Michael was wonderful; thorough, kind, and very helpful. Would absolutely recommend!”

John L., North Bergen, NJ September 27, ’18
“Michael was thorough and helped me understand all the issues and how they should be remedied.”

Jessica & Adam K., Wallington, NJ September 27, ’18
“Was very knowledgeable and explained all questions.”

Steve & Cara L., Westfield, NJ September 25, ’18
“Michael was extremely competent, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. – and helpful at explaining everything.”

Samyr M., Maywood, NJ September 23, ’18
“Michael was very professional and informative. It was a great experience going on our first inspection with him.”

Amy & Jonathan A., Clifton< NJ September 22, ’18
“Extremely informative and professional!”

Ryan & Mayra, D., Montclair NJ, September 21, ’18
“We were extremely satisfied with Michael’s work. He was very thorough, patient, and informative. We would certainly recommend him again.”

Mallory B., Wyckoff, NJ September 19, ’18
“Very thorough. helpful and informative! Highly recommend.”

Frank, Jefferson, NJ September 18, ’18
“Very positive experience as a first-time buyer. Was very educational and I learned a lot about my potential home.”

Jorge B., Jersey City, NJ September 17, ’18
“The quality of the inspector was noted by my realtor and I.”

Michael A. & Sherry H., Mount Olive, NJ September 16, ’18
“Very thorough, friendly and provided solutions to situations. Appreciate the input.”

Asemamaw F. & Feleke M., Morristown, NJ September 15, ’18
I am very happy with my inspection and I appreciate the inspector very much.”

Emily C. & Paolo C., Millburn, NJ September 9, ’18
“We were extremely satisfied with the inspection. Mike explained everything with superb clarity. I’d highly recommend.”

Amy & Jonathan A., Clifton, NJ September 8, ’18
“Very informative and helpful! Thank you!”

Ardit X., Jersey City, NJ September 8, ’18
“Very happy.”

Allison O., South Orange, NJ September 7, ’18
“Awesome – thorough. Really helpful as we are trying to purchase an “as is” home.”

Natalia O. & Douglas B., Kearny, NJ September 5, ’18
“Very thorough and personal service – I would highly recommend Michael.”

Preean P., Calwell, NJ September 3, ’18
“The inspector was very thorough and explained everything in detail.”

John & Christina M., Morristown, NJ September 2, ’18
“Michael was helpful and knowable, answering my questions with care and providing an honest “NO BS” point of view.”

Gracia E. & Ebenezer P., Mahwah, NJ September 1, ’18
“Completely satisfied with the inspector. He was very patient and explained everything clearly. Highly recommend to anyone looking to inspect their home.”

Patricia & Arsenio R., Wayne, NJ September 1, ’18
“Very thorough and clear.”

Erica M. & Jason L., Mt Tabor NJ August 28, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and did a great job explaining findings and observations.”

Kofi & Sagine D., Union, NJ August 28, ’18
“He was very friendly and showed me around. I will definitely recommend him.”

Olga M., Maplewood, NJ August 26, ’18
“Very thorough and always asked if I had questions.”

Louis B., West Milford, NJ August 25, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and detailed, would highly recommend.”

Sunil & Samitha Jo., Park Ridge, NJ August 24, ’18
“Very thorough and took the time to explain aspects of the home and ask if we had questions.”

Natan A., Teaneck, NJ August 23, ’18
“Knowledgeable expert, courteous, nice, took time to explain everything, very detailed and straightforward. Awesome.”

Romit G., Nutley, NJ August 23, ’18
“Very detailed explanation.”

Doug K., Weehawken, NJ August 19, ’18
“Very thorough and helpful.”

Neel S. & Stacy S., Rutherford. NJ August 18, 18
“Mike was as advertised. He explained the things he found and was patient with our questions. He also explained the good along with the concerns.”

John L., West New York, NJ August 17, ’18
“Very thorough and highly recommended.”

Matthew & Stefanie K., Westfield, NJ August 16, ’18
“I felt Michael was very clear in his explanations about the house. He took his time and was thorough.”

Purity Baldwin, Lodi, NJ August 15, ’18
“Very detail oriented. Well mannered and patient. He took his time to explain and address any concerns family and I had.”

Jason & Matti L., Fair Lawn, NJ August 14, ’18
“Michael was courteous, thorough and took time to answer all questions in a patient manner. I would highly recommend him.”

Gregory & Jessica C., Nutley, NJ August 8, ’18
“Very thorough inspection that walked through every step!”

Harashish S., Jersey City, NJ August 8, ’18
“The inspection was extremely thorough.”

Robert S. & Christine M., Cedar Grove, NJ August 7, ’18
“Mike was very informative and explained everything that was checked during the inspection and was extremely thorough.”

Robert K. & Jacqueline C., Leonia, NJ August 8, ’18
“Mike was super thorough and direct. Very much “sees the facts”. Worth the price and the peace of mind.”

Jessica M. & Fadi B., Roselle Park, NJ August 6, ’18
“Very thorough and detailed – learned so much and helped us to make a decision.”

Jillian B. & Gunnar O., Bloomfield, NJ August 4, ’18
“Excellent service.”

Joseph & Stephanie M., Bernards Twp., NJ August 3, ’18
“Mike was very thorough. This was the second time we used Mike and will go back to him in the future in a heartbeat.”

Marc G., Teaneck, NJ August 3, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and performed a complete inspection. He was very knowledgeable.”

Salvatore & Patricia C., Cedar Grove, NJ August 2, ’18
“Very impressed with Mike’s knowledge and professionalism.”

Danielle & Cassan I., Franklin Lakes, NJ August 2, ’18
Very prompt and thorough. Carefully explained each area and any issues.”

Ian W., Green Township, NJ July 29, ’18
“You get what you pay for. Exceptional service. Very knowledgeable and an expert at his job.”

Jill S. & Ales D., Clark, NJ July 28, ’18
“Thorough, knowledgeable, reliable, & friendly. Would use again in and recommend in heartbeat.”

Kashif A. & Nadia K., Paramus, NJ July 28, ’18
“Inspector was courteous and took the time to answer all our questions.”

Nancy S., Bloomfield, NJ July 27, ’18
“Mike is awesome.”

Justin & Laura K., Mahwah, NJ July 26, ’18
“Working with Mike has been a great, the second time we have used him. He helped us to discover more than we ever could on our own with his thoroughness.”

Emilio T & Elizabeth E., Union City, NJ July 25, ’18
“Extremely thorough and willing to explain and re-explain any concerns that came up.”

Jonathan & Laura L., Englewood, NJ July 20, ’18
“Thorough, detailed and clear in his explanations of what and why he was doing things.”

Justino G., Wood Ridge, NJ July 20, ’18
“Very thorough in the inspection, explained everything, including the areas that could not be accessed for proper inspection.”

Vsevolod & Michaela M., Emerson, NJ July 19, ’18
“Extremely thorough and knowledgeable.”

F.P., Hackensack, NJ July 18, ’18
“Very informative and truthful.”

Nina C., Hoboken, NJ July 18, ’18
“Michael was very thorough, and we appreciated learning about HOW equipment works, on top of being told it does!”

Tom H. & Lilly R., Lyndhurst, NJ July 17, ’18
“Very satisfied – all aspects of the property were thoroughly checked.”

Nidhi G. & Sriam R., Upper Saddle River, NJ July 16, ’18
“Extremely thorough. Patently explained the pros and cons. Listened carefully. Very personable.”

Hardik & Joey P., Clifton, NJ July 15, ’18
“Very thorough and educational. Let me feeling better informed about the house and possible issues.”

Nancy S., Clifton, NJ July 13, ’18
“Mike did a great job. I will use him again and recommend him.”

Nicholas & Allison C., Garfield, NJ July 13, ’18
“Very informative, helpful and courteous.”

Sean R., Northvale, NJ July 12, ’18
“Accurate Inspections is an apt name. Inspector was very thorough and courteous.”

Peter & Manisah S., Montville, NJ July 11, ’18
“The inspection was very thorough and the additional home care tips that were provided were extremely helpful.”

Brian P., Hawthorne, NJ July 9, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and explained things in an easy to understand manner. He clearly has the clients best interest at heart.”

Michael & Riva S., North Bergen, NJ July 87, ’18
“Very thorough and very supportive. Friendly and more than knowledgeable. Good Job.”

Chris & Wilma D, Ringwood, NJ July 8, ’18
“Inspector was very detailed and explained everything clearly.”

Paula & Dan S., South Orange, NJ July 7, ’18
“Michael is very thorough and takes the time to ensure we understand what he is doing.”

V. R., Maplewood, NJ July 6, ’18
“Michael provided a very detailed and comprehensive inspection. I would use him again and be quick to refer others.”

Glenn & Heidi P., West Orange, NJ July 1, ’18
“The inspection was done in a very thorough manner. I was pleased with the service.”

Thomas Foose, Mendham, NJ June 30, ’18
“Michael was engaging and interested throughout the process. Very knowledgeable in particular about wiring issues.”

Lisa & Gedaliah A., West Orange., NJ June 30, ’18
“Michael was as thorough as possible, and very honest, making sure we understood everything.”

Samantha & Jason G., Westfield, NJ June 29, ’18
“Mike is so thorough and patient. He is knowledgeable and taught us important things to look out for as new homeowners.”

Paul & Hsu C., Ridgewood, NJ June 29, ’18
“Michael arrived early and was very thorough. He answered my questions and was a pleasure to work with!”

Alvina C., Totowa, NJ June 28, ’18
“Great and detailed explanation during the inspection.”

Laurence F. & Astrid W., Jersey City, NJ June 27, ’18
“Very helpful and explained things very easily.”

Tom H. & Lilly R., Maywood, NJ June 27, ’18
“Very easy to work with. Professional and courteous. Extremely thorough inspection.”

Greg O. & Stella P., Montclair, NJ June 26, ’18
Very thorough, informative, and helpful. Highly recommended to any new buyer.”

Thomas & Emily M., West Orange, NJ June 26, ’18
“Appreciate the time taken to explain everything and he was very thorough in the inspection.”

Rena & Eric L., Livingston, NJ June 25, ’18
“Michael by far conducts the most accurate and detailed survey. If you want to know the reality on the home you are purchasing hiring him will be guaranteed.”

Doug K., Union City, NJ June 25, ’18
“Very thorough and helpful.”

Olga M., West Orange, NJ June 24, ’18
“Mike answered all of my questions thoroughly and did not rush the process.”

Peter & Jessica P., Cedar Grove, NJ June 23, ’18
“Very thorough inspection. Explained everything clearly for first time home buyers.”

Thomas & Amy W., Bloomfield, NJ June 22, ’18
“Mike did a phenomenal job of explaining every observation in detail, and articulated each in a way that was easy to understand and evaluate.”

Matt S., Gillette, NJ June 21, ’18
“Took the time to explain things to me and show true care and concern. Extremely friendly and through in the inspection.”

Brian & Marisa D., Hanover, NJ June 21, ’18
“Very thorough and direct. Well worth the money.”

Mike & Kimberly C., East Hanover, NJ June 20, ’18
“Very thorough inspection!”

Joe & Aleksandra V., Park Ridge, NJ June 19, ’18
“Thanks for a good job.”

German & Alexandra V., West Caldwell, NJ June 18, ’18
“Very thorough inspection.”

Jake H. & Emily B., South Orange, NJ June 6, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and explained everything very clearly. Thanks!”

Anish & Binwa S., Woodcliff Lake, NJ June 5, ’18
“Very thorough.”

Edward Y., Montclair, NJ June 4, ’18
“Very good education experience with our first home. I would recommend very highly. Well worth it.”

Ann & Eric S., Oakland, NJ June 4, ’18
“As always, the most thorough inspection.”

Ben D., Butler, NJ June 3, ’18
“Very happy with the service. Inspector was very thorough and did a great job explaining everything.”

Nichol & Robert B., Caldwell, NJ June 3, ’18
“Thorough and knowledgeable.”

Chris J. & Kristina M., Roselle Park, NJ June 2, ’18
“Michael did an extremely thorough inspection and explained in great detail all that he found and reviewed.”

Michelle & Rob Robinson, Springfield, NJ June 2, ’18
“Mike performed a complete home inspection. He is knowledgeable and explains his findings well.”

Rachel P. Joshua P., Montclair, NJ June 1, ’18
“Great job. Highly recommend. Excellent communication and very thorough.”

Sudeep P. & Puja M., Fair Lawn, NJ May 31, ’18
“Mike was courteous, professional, and on time. He was very through with his inspection.”

Iilya R., West Orange, NJ May 30, ’18
Wonderful inspection A+!”

Sasha C., Ramsey, NJ May 30, ’18
“Very thorough and informative. Great attention to detail and openness about the condition of the home. Thank you!”

Sonja R., Nutley, NJ May 29, ’18
“Thorough, friendly & knowledgeable.”

Diana M. & Brendan C., Montclair, NJ May 29, ’18
“Very detailed.”

Aysha K., Kinnelon, NJ May 27, ’18
“Very satisfied.”

Jonathan & Michelle V., Wayne, NJ May 27, ’18
“Informative and thorough.”

Sivakumar V. & Sujatha J., Parsippany, NJ May 26, ’18
“Michael did a wonderful job during our home inspection.”

Yegnaswamy S. & Van T., Milburn, NJ May 26, ’18
“Michael was the most thorough and professional home inspector we have and the pleasure of working with.”

Sage M. & Cynthia G., Hawthorne, NJ May 25, ’18
Michael was very informative and thorough.”

Eileen H. & Robert T., Riverdale, NJ May 25,’ 18
“Very thorough and detailed.”

Lubna M., Wayne, NJ May 24, ’18
“Michael was very thorough, honest, and straightforward. He knows his stuff and is worth every penny!”

Lisandro, Bergenfield, NJ May 23, ’18
“Very satisfied with the inspection performed in Bergenfield.”

Janet Y. & Solomon L., Montclair, NJ May 22, ’18
“Very thorough and takes time to explain things.”

Kerry F., Franklin Lakes, NJ May 21, ’18
“Michael was very thorough an explained everything super clearly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”

Michelle G & Michael G., Bloomfield, NJ May 20, ’18
“House was looked at in great detail and clearly explained. Very informative and Michael answered all questions.”

Alvina C. Verona, NJ May 20, ’18
“Great and very detailed inspection done by Michael. Would highly recommend to anyone who buys a home.”

Justo C. & Elizabeth B., Berkeley Heights, NJ May 19, ’18
“Mike was very thorough and did a great job of explaining everything along the way.”

Anish & Binwa S., Woodcliff Lake, NJ May 18, ’18
“He was great, patient and thorough.”

Stacy & Laurent V., West Orange, NJ May 18, ’18
“The inspector was very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable.”

Jill & Thomas P., Township of Washington, NJ May 17, ’18
“Michael took the time to explain things in a manner in which we could understand and how to remedy the problems.”

Mark W. & Rebecca V., East Hanover, NJ May 17, ’18
“Very informative, thorough and professional.”

Eric R. & Kristina M., Haworth, NJ May 16, ’18
Mike was extremely thorough and did a fantastic job explaining everything through the process. As first time home buyers, it was a great experience.”

Partha & Babita P., Waldwick., NJ May 16, ’18
“Very detailed and thorough inspection. We went over every inch of the home together.”

Tommy C., Dumont., NJ May 15, ’18
“Michael was super helpful and patient with us. Will Recommend.”

Andria & William S., Randolph, NJ May 13, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and took his time to both explain everything and answer all of our questions.”

Jeffrey J. & Alison F., Ramsey, NJ May 12, ’18
“Mike was incredibly thorough and explained every issue to us in terms we could understand. We learned a lot more today than we were expecting.”

Tommy & Priscilla U., Nutley, NJ May 12, ’18
“Very professional. To the point.”

Gabrielle P., Bloomfield, NJ May 11, 18
“Michael was very clear and concise.”

Jovina J., Jersey City, NJ May 11, ’18
“It was cool and efficient.”

Jenny L., Jersey City, NJ May 10, ’18
“Mike was great! I’m a first time buyer and he took the time to explain and show me everything.”

Shannon & Michael L., Ridgefield Park, NJ May 10, ’18
“Very efficient and knowledgeable.”

Cheryl B., Westfield, NJ May 9, ’18
“Pointed out and explained many structural issues that we only thought were cosmetic. Very useful.”

Kyle D. & Michelle L., Totowa, NJ May 9, ’18
“Mike was great and took the time to explain everything to us in great detail. Thanks!”

Michael M., Englewood, NJ May 7, ’18
“Michael was very thorough. Provided a great deal of information. Extremely valuable service!”

Kristen & Joseph H., South Orange, NJ May 6, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and took plenty of time to answer our questions.”

Jillian L., Bloomfield, NJ May 6, ’18
“Michael has been very thorough and efficient. I am extremely happy I called him!”

Chetan & Bhavna D., Morris Plains. NJ May 5, ’18
“Very honest, thorough, and explains each item in detail. Thank you so much.”

Sara K. & Cameron F., Bloomfield, NJ May 5, ’18
“Very thorough job. Thank you!”

Franz S., Cliffside Park, NJ May 4, ’18
“Michael is a courteous informative and very thorough inspector. Even though he was inured during the inspection – he brushed it off and continued to fins the job – great guy.”

Kathleen O. & Michael M., Summit, NJ May 3, ’18
“Michael was very diligent and extremely knowledgeable.”

Lynn & David R., Pequannock, NJ May 3, ’18
“Very satisfied!”

Dean & Juna, N. May 2, ’18
“Very clear and thorough.”

Ryan D, Cliffside Park, NJ May 2, ’18

Paula S., South Orange, NJ April 28, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and explained what he was looking for throughout the inspection.”

Melissa D. & Tom O., Franklin Lakes, NJ April 28, ’18
“Very thorough and complete.”

Maria N., Montclair, NJ April 27, ’18
“Michael was amazing! He explained everything very clearly and he was very through. Thank you so much!”

Bryan L., Upper Saddle River, NJ April 27, ’18
“The inspection went as planned. Very informative. Took time to explain and to make sure I understood everything.”

Jamshid M., Teaneck, NJ April 26, ’18
“Mike was very knowledgeable and gave detailed info about all details.”

Sanjeev K. & Shubha V., Cresskill, NJ April 25, 18
“Mike was thorough and took his time checking everything and explaining this to me. I am confident that he checked things as best as possible.”

V.S., Harrington Park, NJ April 24, ’18
Excellent inspection.”

Elizabeth Z. & Jesus S., South Orange, NJ April 24, ’18
“Super scary but very useful walk through of the house. Will see Michael again.”

Katie Y., West Milford, NJ April 23, ’18
“Very thorough and very helpful.”

Jehda H & Kenneth H., Wayne, NJ April 23, ’18
“It was very thorough and informative.”

John & Jessine K., New Vernon, NJ April 22, ’18
“Thorough and in-depth review of the home alerting me to several areas of concern – would definitely use Michael again.”

Jon R. & Lisa G., Montclair, NJ April 19, ’18
“Michael is the exact kind of person I want on my team when it comes to buying a house.”

Majorie B., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ April 19, ’18
“Very detail oriented and thorough.”

Richard & Angela S., Summit, NJ April 18, ’18
“Michael was very helpful and informative, walked me through each step of the inspection.”

Maria R., Springfield, NJ April 17, ’18
“Michael was very helpful and explained everything in a simple way. He pointed out areas of concern.”

Said M., Jersey City, NJ April 17, ’18
“Michael was very thorough and helpful.”

Amit & Gunjan D., Mahwah, NJ April 16, ’18
“Michael was very thorough with the process and explanations.”

Mark U., Wanaque, NJ April 15, ’18
“Very honest and thorough.”

Isabel C. Milburn, NJ April 15, ’18
“Very satisfied.”

Cheryl K. & Dan D., Florham Park, NJ April 13, ’18
“Michael’s attention to detail and friendly nature made him great to work with!”

Andrew & Stephanie L., Chatham Township, NJ April 12, ’18
“Thorough, direct, crystal clear & detailed. Highly recommended.”

Brian & Pamela T., Fair Lawn, NJ April 11, ’18
“Mike is very honest and thorough. He explains the situation in a manner simple and understandable to non-technical people.”

Spencer & Dana M., Bloomfield, NJ April 10,’ 18
“Very thorough and helpful inspection.”

Scott R. West Caldwell, NJ April 9, ’18
“Very thorough inspection. All questions were answered.”

Maureen & Scott Zucker, Wayne, NJ April 8, ’18
“Accurate, detailed explanation of all findings. Very courteous. Very satisfied.”

Eric R. & Kristina M., Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ April 7, ’18
“The inspection was detailed. The company was patient wit all of our questions and made sure we understood all aspects of the home inspection process and findings.”

Mark D., Lodi, NJ April 8, ’18
“Michael is very thorough and answered all my questions.”

Jacqueline M., Roxbury, NJ March 31, ’18
“Very thorough, very helpful.”

Christina D., Denville, NJ March 30, ’18
“Mike is thorough, detailed, knowledgeable, and professional.”

Frank & Jennifer P., Morristown, NJ March 29, ’18
“Mike is a knowledgeable, seasoned, professional. There is no substitute for experience.”

Rogelio H. & Ruperto A., Clifton, NJ March 28, ’18
“Now here is an expert, that knows what he is doing. He clearly has many years of experience, knowledge and more.”

Anthony C. & Ivon. V, Hawthorne, NJ March 28, ’18
“We were very satisfied with Mr. Del Greco’s services, very informative. Thank you.”

Lauren & Joseph L., Westwood, NJ March 27, ’18
“Thorough, well explained, and thoughtful. Great experience.”

Leyonna B., River Edge, NJ March 26, ’18
“Michael was extremely thorough and only has the potential homeowners’ interest at heart.”

Diane T., Clifton, NJ March 26, ’18
“Very courteous and helpful. Thorough inspection by Michael.”

John S., Park Ridge, NJ March 25, ’18
“Most accurate inspections I’ve ever had. I’ve used Michael twice and will use him again.”

Matthew & Stephanie R., Hoboken, NJ March 25, ’18
“Very thorough, informative, & descriptive which is appreciated!”

Chris & Meredith P., Upper Saddle River, NJ March 22, ’18
“I was very satisfied with the inspection. The inspector was very thorough.”

Fred & Mindy M, Ridgewood, NJ March 22, ’18
“Very satisfied with the thorough nature of the inspection.”

Carmen & Ellen G., Hoboken, NJ March 21, ’18
“Mike is very thorough and explained everything. Would highly recommend him for any inspections.”

Victoria & Cody W., Vernon, NJ March 20, ’18
“After using Mike for our first home inspection we knew to definitely use his services again!”

Alexander & Chelsea M., Bergenfield, NJ March 20, ’18
“Very pleased with the professional manner and thorough work. Inspector was very informative and open to my questions an concerns.”

ill S. & Alex D., Clark, NJ March 19, ’17
“Very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Would recommend in a heartbeat. Took his time and was very thorough.”

Mike & Linda C., Ringwood, March 14, ’18
“We have used Mike three times now. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend him.”

Eileen H. & Robert T., Bloomingdale, NJ March 13, ’18
“We were extremely satisfied as the inspector was very thorough and informative.”

Daniel & S., Fair Lawn NJ March 12, ’18
“Accurate, thorough, and helpful.”

Danielle & Oliver J., Union, NJ March 11, ’18
“Michael is thorough, a straight talker, and obviously knowledgeable. I appreciate his methods.”

Carlos & Magdalena U., Hackensack, NJ March 10, ’18
“Very detailed and informative. Helped understand the problems.”

Doug K., Jersey City, NJ March 6, ’18
“Very thorough and helpful. Much better than others I have used.”

Rommel & Mary A., West Caldwell, NJ March 6, ’18
“Very thorough inspection.”

Michael H. & James K., West Orange, NJ March 5, ’18
“Great information about the systems of the home and setting exceptions on the cost to remediate.”

Lawrence S., Wayne, NJ March 4, ’18
“The inspection was very thorough and informative. Mike is very professional and experienced.”

Gaelle S. & Sonya T., Union, NJ March 3, ’18
“Mike was diligent in the inspection. He took time to emphasize all the issue requiring urgent attention.”

Sarah A. & Sherif S., Westfield, NJ March 3, ’18
“Outstanding and thorough inspection. Depp expertise. Thank you.”

Christina d. & Mimmo R., Denville, NJ March 2, ’18
“Mike is thorough, patient, professional, and very knowledgeable.”

Jia S. & Shengbo H., Summit, NJ March 2, ’18
“Very detailed and complete.”

Henry B., Riverdale, NJ February 27, ’18
“Inspection performed in a concise, professional manner.”

Marek M. & Stephanie M., Rockaway, NJ February 26, ’18
“Great service, very informative.”

Nicole G., Bergenfield, NJ February 25, ’18
“This was a very thorough inspection. We learned a lot of valuable information.”

Emily B., Township of Washington, NJ February 25, ’18
“Mike was incredibly thorough and provided additional advice that was beneficial to the buying process.”

Seung C. & Julie K., Little Ferry, NJ February 24, ’18
“Very knowledgeable regarding the inspection process. Learned a lot about what to look for in a home inspection.”

Zhanna P., Clifton, NJ February 24, ’18
“Very thorough and extremely helpful, especially for first time buyers! Thank you!”

Peter Z. Short Hills / Millburn, NJ February 23, ’18
“Michael gave us valuable peace of mind that is well well worth the cost and effort.”

Evan T. & Thu T., Jersey City, NJ February 22, ’18
“Michael went out of his way to spot issues and explain everything he saw. He was exceptional, and I would highly recommend him to others.”

Anthony & Heather G., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ February 22, ’18
“Mike was great.”

Sharon P., Ringwood, NJ February 21, ’18
“Michael delivered exactly what we needed to make an informed home purchase – just the facts!”

Supraha H. & Kiran K., South Orange, NJ February 21, ’18
“Loved working with Michael. He was thoroughly insightful and patient!”

Victoria & Cody W., Hamburg, NJ February 20, ’18
“The inspection was extremely thorough.”

Lori P., Montville, NJ February 20, ’18
“Very thorough and informative. I liked how he answered all my questions with ease.”
John P., Parsippany, NJ February 19, ’18
“Mike was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. His inspection was very informative.”

Ron S. & George B., West Orange, NJ February 17, ’18
“I am more than impressed with his knowledge and explanation of all the things associated with said property.”

Ximena & Daniel R., Rutherford, NJ February 17, ’18
“Excellent job, on point, very polite.”

Henrick & Katherine L., Nutley, NJ February 16, ’18
“Amazing work again. Really good work. Thanks.”

Matthew T., West Orange, NJ February 16, ’18
“Very thorough and patient explained things well, would use his services again.”

Andres E. & Teodora P., Jersey City, NJ February 15, ’18
“Michael was extremely thorough and communicative. He was also patient in answering my questions and concerns.”

Anthony B. & Grace M., Totowa, NJ February 14, ’18
“Calm, professional and very educated. Took the time to meticulously show us everything. Great experience!”

Nadira K., Allendale, NJ February 13, ’18
“Mike is very detailed in his inspection and carefully explains everything. Very informative.”
Rosemarie C., Rockleigh, NJ February 12, ’18
“Mike is the best!! Nothing more to say!”

Mahmoud & Debra A., Clifton, NJ February 11, ’18
“Inspector was very informative and answered all our questions and concerns.”

Rochelle & Blake S., West Milford, NJ February 10, ’18
“Excellent and informative. I would highly recommend. A++”

Maulik & Lata H., Bridgewater, NJ February 10, ’18
“Michael is the go to home inspector. We appreciate the time he took to review and explain everything in terminology we understood. Thank you!”

Caitlin K. & Kelli M., Maplewood, NJ February 3, ’18
“Mike is amazing and very thorough.”

Simin Z. & Qi L., Short Hills / Millburn, NJ February 3, ’18
“Mike did a good job walking through the house and explaining the questions we had.”

Dominick & Sandra D., Ramsey, NJ February 2, ’18
“Worth it! We appreciate Mike’s eye and his explanations. Would absolutely use again.”

Christopher M., Hawthorne, NJ February 1, ’18
“Took the time to make sure I knew everything and understood all. Did a thorough and complete job.”

Andrea D. & Patrick T., Jersey City, NJ January 30, ’18
“Mike was great – he identified potential issues, helped us understand what needed fixing and even brought drone to look at the roof.”

Julianna I., Clifton, NJ January 27, ’18
“Everything explained very clearly for first time home buyer. Inspector had best intentions for me.”

Amir & Adi C., Tenafly, NJ January 27, ’18
“Appreciate the thoroughness and having the client first (vs. broker).”

Matt R. & Caroline C., West Orange, NJ January 24, ’18
“Our inspection was tremendously helpful and informative. Michael was incredibly helpful and answered all of our questions!”

Kurian P. & Ansu K., Old Tapan, NJ January 22, ’18
“Great detail. Took time to listen and advocated for the clients.”

Ronald & Erin T., West Orange, NJ January 20, ’18
“Mike was incredible – helped us understand any issues with our potential house.”

Nadar S. & Michelle I., Totowa, NJ January 19, ’18
“A very good and thorough inspection. Worth every penny.”

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