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Let’s help you put the cost of a home inspection in perspective:
For example, if you are buying a $500,000 home and the inspection fee is around $ 1,000. the inspection fee is one 500th of the cost of the home! The cost of a New Jersey home inspection is a bargain!

If the inspection turns up little wrong with the home (few of our thorough home inspections do), you’ve bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind. If the inspection finds serious problems (many do), then the few hundred dollars you invest in a home inspection could end up saving you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. If you hire an inexperienced home inspector, major problems are more likely to be missed. Having an inspector learn on your time can cost you much more than you saved initially.

Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report

Did you know a person can obtain a New Jersey Home Inspectors License in less than a month?


Initially some of our clients pay a little more for the inspection, but ultimately they save money! Short term savings occur during negotiations with the seller. Long term savings occur since problems with the home can be remedied before additional damages are incurred.


Our thorough and patient inspectors will take time to explain everything you need to know about your new home to you and answer your questions! Our inspection cost may be a little higher but the added value and peace of mind you obtain is well worth it.


We are confident that our inspections represent the best value to our clients. If at the end of the home inspection you do not feel you got your monies worth, just tell the inspector! You will not be charged for the inspection.


Our highly qualified and experienced home inspectors are honest professionals who will take the time to explain how your home functions in plain language that you can understand. When we ask (and we will, many times) if you have any questions it is because we love to answer your questions! I know for a fact that it takes a few years to learn how to inspect a home – not a few weeks. There is a steep learning curve for new inspectors. Make sure you hire the most experienced inspector you can!


When terms like unsafe, hazardous and immediate corrective action are called for they are used in a clear and easy to understand format. We do not  play word games or tell clients to monitor conditions rather than take the necessary corrective actions.


We know our clients are in a hurry to get their typed report. By the next morning after your inspection, we will post your home inspection report to our web site and/or fax a copy of your home inspection report to you and mail copies of the report to you and your attorney. If you wish for friends, relatives or contractors to see your home inspection report you may provide them with the custom web site address that is written on the first page of your Home Inspection Book.


We do not rely on real estate agents for referrals. We are not part of the “sales team” Although this drastically increases marketing efforts and expenses (costs that must be passed on to clients) our clients save money long term because the benefits our clients receive far outweigh the additional initial expense of the home inspection. Our clients are happier buyers because our thorough and patient inspectors explained everything they needed to know about their home and had all their questions answered by independent professionals who did not have a service or product to sell.

Please allow us the opportunity to assist you!

Michael Del Greco, President, Accurate Inspections, Inc.
New Jersey Home Inspector License. #GI0121
American Society of Home Inspectors Member #102273
Independent Home Inspectors of North America Member
Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector #100
Home Inspection Instructor Morris County School of Technology (2002 – 2005)
Approved Home Inspector Continuing Education Provider by the
State of New Jersey Home Inspection Advisory Committee

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