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  • Retaining wall movement

    Retaining walls must have weep holes in them. The weep holes are there to allow moisture and water that...

  • Missing double joist hanger

    Joist hangers are U shaped metal supports that take the load of a floor joist that meet a ledger...

  • clothes dryer under deck

    Moisture damages wood. Just about everyone knows moisture damages wood. Moisture rusts and deteriorates metal. Joist hangers are made...

  • Unsafe steps

    I wonder here what is more unsafe the old steps or the old deck. Decks and steps are often...

  • Door swings over step

    Doors swinging out over steps are a very easy way for the home owner, small child or adult to...

  • Storm door swing out over steps

    Picture a child, older adult, guest or even the home owner rushing out the side door. As they open...

  • Round steps without handrail or guardrail

    Steps leading to the exterior of a home as far I am concerned should all have handrails and guardrails...

  • roofing cement at base of chimeny

    Roofing cement chimney

    This one is an easy one for the home inspector to call out. Roofing cement is sometimes applied to...

  • peeling paint off sidding

    Peeling paint

    So the home has some peeling paint. “What is the big deal, you just scrape it down and paint...

  • no stair handrail or guardrail

    No handrail guardrail

    Yes, I know it is only two steps. If you are 100% sure this is not a problem and...

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