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  • water damage missing joist hanger

    Water stains ceiling

    Water stains on the ceiling are surely an indication a problem occurred at one time. No one goes out...

  • Water stained foundation wall.

    Surface water is saturating the exterior foundation wall. When the (liquid) water evaporates what is left is mineral deposits...

  • Basement water infiltration

    Water stains like these are often seen on drywall within basements. Water infiltration into basements is very common in...

  • Broken weather head

    Broken weather head Yes, this is a strange one I do not get to see to often. The weather...

  • Chimney without a cricket

    Chimney without a cricket Asphalt roofing cement around the base of the brick chimney will not be water tight,...

  • termite damage

    Termite damage found during home inspection

    Termite Damage Found During Home Inspection Termites damage is often found when homes are sold by home inspectors. Termites...

  • Termite activity

    Termites are nasty little bugs that eat and digest the wood structure homes are made out of in this...

  • Temporary roof supports

    Ceiling joists are the wood structure that support the weight of the ceiling drywall or plaster finishes. Roof rafters...

  • Temporary column on cement floor

    Temporary adjustable columns like this are intended for temporary use. They are not at all strong enough to be...

  • Shock missing flashing

    If I look at 50 decks odds are I will see properly installed flashing once. One out of about...

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