Accurate Inspections, Inc. New Jersey Home Inspection Service

Accurate Inspections, Inc. New Jersey Home Inspection Services

Accurate Inspections, Inc.

56 Woodland Drive,Woodland Park, NJ07424

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Accurate Inspections, Inc, is a New Jersey home inspection firm providing home inspection services in New Jersey from its home office at 56 Woodland Drive, Woodland Park, New Jersey 07424-3706. Michael Del Greco is the President of Accurate Inspections, Inc. and has been providing home inspections for home buying clients since 1993. After inspecting over ten thousand homes Michael is one of the most experienced home inspectors in the state. Few home inspectors and few companies last very long in the highly competitive home inspection business. Many home inspectors try to balance what they tell home inspection clients against what other parties to the home purchase process want to hear. Doing so puts the home buyer (our clients) health and wealth at risk. Our client’s best interest is what we are there to protect. We put our client’s health, safety, and finances above all other concerns when we perform home inspections and we make no apology to anyone for the candor we use to advise our clients. If you are buying your first affordable home or a multi-million dollar mansion you get treated like it is my last dollar being spent on the home. If I would want to know what is up as a buyer I think you should have the opportunity to get the same information so you can make a well-informed decision. Not every home we inspect has problems that jeopardize the home purchase however if problems are found in the home you are buying you have the right to know about them in order to be able to make an informed purchase decision.

Accurate Inspections
Accurate Inspections
Accurate Inspections

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