No handrail guardrail

No handrail guardrail
no stair handrail or guardrail

Yes, I know it is only two steps. If you are 100% sure this is not a problem and not a hazard I challenge you to step out of the home and down these two steps blind folded and not to trip, fall or stumble.

A visitor to your home who exits the home with arms full with packages or a small child may not realize the steps are straight ahead and fall right off the platform. If there is a foot or so of snow outside one will not even know the platform is elevated till they fall off the side of it. A person (especially small children or the elderly) is likely to trip because the stair riser heights are uneven. Eyes open, looking an paying attention it is very easy to see where the steps are and to see the height of each step. Distracted it is not so easy and it would be likely one could stumble or trip going either up or down the steps.

Whoever put in the patio did so at the wrong elevation. Either the steps have be replaced with even stair risers or the patio elevation has to be changed. The existing condition can allow personal injury to occur.

First either replace the steps or lower the brick pavers so the riser heights are even and consistent. Then it is necessary to install the necessary and required stair handrails and platform guardrails in order to cure the existing hazardous and unsafe conditions.

Even if the home was recently built. Even if it was built by the best contractor in town. Even if the municipality inspected and approved it. Even if the home owner is happy with the existing conditions they are till unsafe and hazardous and corrective actions are still necessary in order to cure the existing hazardous and unsafe conditions.

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