Fuse panel

Fuse panel

Are fuse panels still legal? The short and long answers are yes, they are still legal and there is no law or regulation that requires they be replaced. That said, I do not know of any home owner’s insurance company who will write home owner insurance policies at normal rates when fuse panels exist. Even if someone is able to find a company willing to write a fire insurance policy on the home the insurance market is likely to be more restrictive as time goes on.

Therefore even if a home buyer was wiling to accept the fuse panel it is likely additional problems will come up next time the home changes hands.

Nearly all fuse panels have been removed and replaced by no. I rarely see them except in the case of homes that were built before 1950 or so that have not been renovated or updated. If you see an old fuse panel like this rest assured most of the rest of the home is likely to be out dated and obsolete.

Fuses can be safer than circuit breakers as mechanical issues are less likely to exist. The unsafe condition occurs when the wrong side fuses are installed allowing the wiring to burst into flames inside the walls.

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