Foundation wall cracks

Foundation wall cracks

Vertical foundation wall cracks are seldom a serious problem when they are even in thickness from the top to the bottom. Cracks that are consistent in thickness like this are likely due to expansion and contractor rather than movement of the footing or soil under the footing.

Cracks that have a pattern are often a problem as they are likely to indicate movement of the footing and or the soils under the footing. Often cracks that are larger at the top than the bottom are often the result of water that got under the footing that expanded. When the water froze and expanded it pushes the footing up. As the footing goes up the foundation walls move up too. When the foundation walls move up the crawl will be wider at the top than the bottom.

Cracks that have a pattern or are horizontal require further evaluation in order to determine if corrective actions are necessary and the cost to make any necessary repairs. PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency, it is necessary for you to obtain further examination and analysis by a qualified, insured and reputable New Jersey Licensed Professional Engineer to define the scope & cost of the necessary corrective action.

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