No footing under temporary column

No footing under temporary column

When I see a temporary 2″ x 4″ column sitting on a few 2″ x 4″ ‘s sitting on a cement floor I start to wonder who thought this was going to work. A vertical 2″ x 4″ is simply not strong enough to support the weight imposed upon it. The 2″ x 4″ will twist, bow or just crack. The horizontal 2″ x 4″ ‘s installed to spread the weight across the cement floor are by no means adequate either.

An experienced home inspector will look at this and immediately wonder if any of the necessary and required municipal permits, inspections and approvals were obtained for this entire addition on the home. Recommending a proper column and a proper footing would be a fine start however the real problem here is to determine if the entire addition on the home is safe for occupancy and secondarily if the addition is even legal or allowable.

Many do not realize if the existing home owner did not obtain municipal permits, inspections and approvals that may very well indicate the municipal real estate tax records were not updated and that a real estate tax hike may occur after ownership of the property is transferred.

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