Choose Your Home Inspector Carefully

Choose Your Home Inspector Carefully

Avoid a Costly Mistake By Inspecting Your Home Inspector

Your failure to inspect your home inspector before your home inspection can be a very costly mistake that you do not find out about until it is too late!

If you are looking to have a home inspection done, you should only settle for the best home inspector. Just as when choosing any other professional, start by asking your friends and family members who recently bought homes, about their experience with their home inspector. If they had a good experience, find out how they went about doing it and take their lead. Better yet, ask them to give you the name of his or her inspector. Find out if your state requires home inspectors to be licensed, and how they need to go about getting their license as well. Some states only require that he or she have a few weeks in class and some field experience, or only have a few home inspections.

Keep in mind that the great majority of the newly graduated home inspectors may not be as dependable as those who have been in the field for fifteen years or more. It is just like with any other job, if you think about how much you knew about your job when you started compared to how much you know now. If you want a good home inspection, then get someone who really knows their trade well. Do not be afraid to ask them about their experiences as a skilled home inspector is always happy to provide you with this kind of information.

One of the main problems that you will find with some home inspectors, is that the reports are not written well. Home inspection reports need to be clear, concise and to the point. They need to list all the problems, what the effects of the problems could be, and how to go about fixing the problem. Your home inspection report is one of the few tools that may help you negotiate the price of the home you are interested in purchasing

If you fail to inspect your inspector before doing the home inspection, you may not get a quality inspection. It is wise to ensure that he or she is licensed if they are supposed to be in your state, or else you might find yourself tangled in a legal web. Then again, if a home inspection is not required before escrow in your state, all you would be doing is taking the advice of the real estate agent and the seller, and all these people want is your money. If you get an inspector with experience to look through the house for you, you are making your future investment worthwhile. A good home inspector works for you. The median list price per square foot in New Jersey is $170. The median price of homes currently listed in New Jersey is $311,000 (as per on 1-1-18). The cost of a good, reliable and honest inspector who will give you the best report will cost you a very small percentage of the home purchase price, 360 mortgage payments, property tax, and etc. That is a big price difference when considering that this amount of money is going to make sure that you get the best deal on your home.

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