Electrical wrong wire color

Electrical wrong wire color

Electrical wiring has a basic color code. Within the USA wiring must be green or bare if it is being used as a ground wire. Many other countries do NOT have the same color code. One of the neatest wiring jobs I ever saw was done perfectly except all the wires were the wrong color creating a real risk of electric shock to those working on the system.

Wiring used as neutrals in the USA is just about always white although gray can be used.

Wiring used to carry current can be any color except for bare, green, white and gray in order to avoid confusion and shock hazards.

Red wires connected to the ground or neutral terminal strip within the electric panel are a major clue unsafe and hazardous conditions exist within the home that require immediate corrective actions to cure the existing fire and shock hazards.

Home inspectors should have the training and expertise to find and report problems like these so they can be cured prior to any harm occurring.

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