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Do I Have To Attend My Home Inspection?

Do I Have To Attend My Home Inspection?

YES, you really must!

The time spent learning about your home from me and your telling me what your concerns are is time well spent.

Think about it: Is it not worth your investing a few hours of your time to learn about a home you will spend the next 30 years paying for?

Our feeling is so strong about your attending the inspection that we will not usually inspect homes without the buyer being at the inspection because you will not learn about the problems first hand and we will not know what your concerns are without you being there.

Over 29 years worth of performing home inspections have taught us it is just about never worth performing a home inspection when the actual buyer of the home will not be in attendance.

If the buyer cannot be at the home inspection we are simply not willing to perform the home inspection, because the odds of the inspection being the basis of a complaint are simply too great.

Just in case we were not clear if the actual home buyer cannot be at the home inspection please arrange for a home inspection with another firm.

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