Cut beam

Cut beam

A large notch cut out of the top beam over the column is creating a condition where movement of the floor and house structure may move. The small bearing plate on the top of the column is not spreading the load imposed upon the beam properly. Under some conditions the beam can “punch through” the opening in the beam that was cut in allowing the home structure to move.

Perhaps installation of a larger bearing plate would spread the load on the sides of the large opening cut into the beam. In any case PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency, it is necessary for you to obtain further examination and analysis by a qualified, insured and reputable New Jersey Licensed Professional Engineer to define the scope & cost of the necessary corrective action.

Why plumbers cut main beams to run pipes is not something I can understand. Simply moving the pipe a little can avoid expensive to cure damage to the structure of the home that can be expensive to cure.

When in doubt the homeowner who is unsure water wood structure can and can not be cut should obtain further information from a qualified person PRIOR to causing expensive to cure damage to the structure.

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