Chimney without a cricket

Chimney without a cricket

Chimney without a cricket

Asphalt roofing cement around the base of the brick chimney will not be water tight, says home inspector Michael Del Greco. Roof water and especially snow will lay up against the chimney roof joint where water penetration and water infiltration will occur right where metal step flashing should have been installed.

The next thing many will notice is the large sheet of flashing on the left side of the chimney where proper metal step flashing should be installed. Of further note the chimney is built into the sidewall where it will trap rain water and snow against the sidewall of the home.

Chimneys improperly built like this are all but sure to allow water infiltration, water damages, rot and even for mold to grow in the home. Often small leaks begin where the chimney meets the roofing causing massive damages within the home.

There are at least three major roofing defects around the chimney and one along the sidewall that are all indications serious latent damages may exist or may be occurring within the walls, under and around the chimney. Leaving this condition like this subjects the home owner to unanticipated problems and hazards. Immediate corrective actions are necessary in order to install a cricket and to avoid further water infiltration and damages.

Chimney without a cricket is a chimney that is leaking or will be leaking soon. Properly installing flashing and crickets keeps the home dry and avoids other issues too.

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