• termite damage

    Termite damage found during home inspection

    Termite Damage Found During Home Inspection Termites damage is often found when homes are sold by home inspectors. Termites...

  • Termite activity

    Termites are nasty little bugs that eat and digest the wood structure homes are made out of in this...

  • Temporary roof supports

    Ceiling joists are the wood structure that support the weight of the ceiling drywall or plaster finishes. Roof rafters...

  • Temporary column on cement floor

    Temporary adjustable columns like this are intended for temporary use. They are not at all strong enough to be...

  • Shock missing flashing

    If I look at 50 decks odds are I will see properly installed flashing once. One out of about...

  • Retaining wall movement

    Retaining walls must have weep holes in them. The weep holes are there to allow moisture and water that...

  • Missing double joist hanger

    Joist hangers are U shaped metal supports that take the load of a floor joist that meet a ledger...

  • clothes dryer under deck

    Moisture damages wood. Just about everyone knows moisture damages wood. Moisture rusts and deteriorates metal. Joist hangers are made...

  • Temporary column without proper footing

    When the floor of the home is sagging sometimes a handyman is called to fix the problem. A cheap...

  • Foundation wall cracks

    Vertical foundation wall cracks are seldom a serious problem when they are even in thickness from the top to...


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