• Broken weather head

    Broken weather head Yes, this is a strange one I do not get to see to often. The weather...

  • Electrical wrong wire color

    Electrical wiring has a basic color code. Within the USA wiring must be green or bare if it is...

  • Wires being cut sharp metal

    Sharp metal edges can very easily cut plastic covered wiring. Many people do not realize wires and houses vibrate...

  • Uncovered electric receptacle

    WOW, someone used the wrong depth electric box. The box was not at all deep enough to accommodate the...

  • Fuse panel

    Are fuse panels still legal? The short and long answers are yes, they are still legal and there is...

  • Closet light

    Lamp cord wiring like run on the wall is a serious fire hazard. Over the last 20 years or...

  • Closet light 2

    Once can see this is a very old light fixture in close contact with very old wood and is...


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