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    Wet foundation observation during home inspection

    Wet foundation observations during a home inspection Wet walls are difficult to photograph as are stains. Sometimes they just...

  • water damage missing joist hanger

    Water stains ceiling

    Water stains on the ceiling are surely an indication a problem occurred at one time. No one goes out...

  • Water stained foundation wall.

    Surface water is saturating the exterior foundation wall. When the (liquid) water evaporates what is left is mineral deposits...

  • Basement water infiltration

    Water stains like these are often seen on drywall within basements. Water infiltration into basements is very common in...

  • Water damaged paneling

    Paneling and trim of this type are very easily and very quickly damaged by even small amounts of water...

  • Rusted steel column

    While many believe a steel column like this is solid steel and that the rust is just surface rust....

  • pilaster repair

    If you take a look at the photo you will see the foundation wall has a “column” added against...

  • No footing under temporary column

    When I see a temporary 2″ x 4″ column sitting on a few 2″ x 4″ ‘s sitting on...

  • Foundation wall cracks

    Vertical foundation wall cracks are seldom a serious problem when they are even in thickness from the top to...

  • Cut floor joist

    Use of a drill bit to create an opening in the floor joist would be one solution. Moving the...


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