5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Inspector to Suit Your Needs

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Inspector to Suit Your Needs

A home inspector is a professional contractor hired before closing the deal on a property. The job of the inspector is to look through the home, its facilities, its appliances and other issues that might exist.

The contingencies found in the inspection offer grounds for buyers and sellers to negotiate their terms. From the price offer to the repairs that either of them will pay for, there’s a lot that can surface during an inspection.

In fact, deals fail to fall through following an inspection, because it reveals whether a house is even worth the investment or not. It allows buyers to save themselves and back out of a potentially bad deal even when contractually obliged. So when you’re hiring a home inspector, it’s best to do your research and find the right one.

Getting the Right Home Inspector on Board

As a home inspector in Passaic County, who’s been in the industry for several years, having trained many others, there’s one thing that experience has taught me: there are a lot of home inspectors doing a disservice to their clients.

When you are in the process of hiring a home inspector, be sure to do the following:

1. Find out their qualifications

Your home inspector should be trained and licensed. Without proper training and certification to do the job, they’re not only unqualified, but they also run the risk of causing you more harm than good.

Throughout my career, working with over 10,000 clients, only a handful have really asked me about my certification and licensing. Please make sure that your hired contractor is able to provide immediate information about their qualifications, as well as experience.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Inspector to Suit Your Needs

2. References

Be sure to ask for references if there isn’t a portfolio available. Not friends and family—theirs or your own—but former clients. Another important thing to be wary of is finding an inspector through your real estate agent. Their loyalties might not be toward you as a buyer, but them as an agent. I always suggest asking if your inspector is associated with your real estate agent; in the case they are, I suggest walking away and finding an independent company.

3. Avoid inspectors who offer repair services

Again, nobody can or should be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to work such as this. It’s best to find an inspector that doesn’t offer or refer you to contractors and repairs. It may sound convenient, but many unsuspecting clients don’t realize that these services are being offered to make more money off you. At best, it creates a conflict of interest.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Inspector

Rely on a home inspection service that focuses on that alone, so there is more detail, thoroughness, and honesty.

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