5 Reasons Why Residential Real Estate is a Great Investment, Even Today

5 Reasons Why Residential Real Estate is a Great Investment, Even Today
5 Reasons Why Residential Real Estate is a Great Investment, Even Today

Do you know what 90% of the world’s millionaires have in common?

They created their fortune by investing in real estate.

The next time someone tells you that real estate is no longer a good investment, make sure you remember: real estate is the real deal. It has always been!

Warren Buffet made his fortune solely through real estate.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates also maintains a solid real-estate portfolio, as of today!

If billionaires are still trusting real estate as a great investment, so should you.

Residential real estate still remains a hot avenue for investors for wealth creation. Here are five reasons why you should consider putting your eggs (read: money) in real estate:

Real estate properties always increase in value

History shows that real estate values always increase over time. Despite the hard economic conditions and political influences, residential home prices have always seen an upward trend.

Having a tangible, appreciating asset gives you a solid footing to deploy a long-term wealth generation plan with confidence.

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Earn money while building up the equity

Investing in residential rental properties enables investors to generate sizable profits every month while building equity at the same time.

You can simply hire a property manager to take care of property-related tasks and earn passive income from your real estate all year round.

5 Reasons Why Residential Real Estate is a Great Investment, Even Today 2

It doesn’t have to be a long-term investment

Investors who put their money in residential real estate can earn quick profits in relatively shorter periods by flipping properties.

In fact, it’s a very popular option among many investors. You can purchase an undervalued property, make improvements, and sell it for profit.

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Real estate is reliable and offers better returns

Compared to other business avenues and the stock market, in particular, real estate is a more reliable investment option which offers tangible returns.

Real estate can be leveraged to create various revenue streams while enjoying capital appreciation.

Real estate is tax-deductible

Real estate investors can enjoy tax breaks on expenses incurred in owning and maintaining their real estate.

From property upkeep to mortgage payments, most property-related expenses can be used to offset the income and reduce overall tax liability.

Moreover, the tax rates applicable to real estate transactions are lower than personal tax brackets.

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5 Reasons Why Residential Real Estate is a Great Investment, Even Today

Protect your real estate investment with home inspections

There’s no doubt that investing in real estate can provide you lucrative returns, but it’s important to do it right!

If you’re looking to buy real estate property, it’s important to hire independent, reliable home inspection services.

A professional home inspector NJ will carefully evaluate the property and give you detailed insights about the overall condition of a home.

They can help you make better and more informed investment decisions and maximize your wealth.

If you’re looking for top-quality home inspection in Passaic County or in New Jersey counties, get in touch with us today!

At Accurate Inspections Inc., we help our clients identify problems in potential real estate investments to make more informed decisions.

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