5 Issues to Look For When Buying an Old House in New Jersey

5 Issues to Look For When Buying an Old House in New Jersey
5 Issues to Look For When Buying an Old House in New Jersey

There’s a certain charm to old houses; an otherworldly feeling, that transports you through to a different era. It’s a romantic and utterly charming space to spend your days in, taking in the sights and sounds that remind you of something from a movie.

Old houses, as beautiful as they can be, are not free of problems and issues. Some ‘old’ houses don’t even need to be decades old; houses that are even a few years old can have several issues.

What to Watch Out for Before Buying an Old Home

While you should be hiring a home inspector before purchasing a house in any case, it’s all the more necessary to do so when buying an old house in Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris or Essex New Jersey. An experienced home inspection service like ours will be able to pick up on issues in both new and old houses, so you aren’t stuck with a bad deal that ends up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

In Passaic County alone, around 43% of the housing units built were constructed before 1950. It’s remarkable how sturdy and well-built old houses can be, but after decades of use and wear and tear, as well as neglect, they can be faced with:

1. Electrical work that’s damaged or dangerous

Electrical work in older homes tends to be outdated and often dangerous, with exposed wires, faulty switches and much more that can jeopardize your safety. Old wires tend to be made of different materials SUCH AS KNOB AND TUBE WIRING THAT IS UNSAFE BY MODERN STANDARDS WITH THE ADDITIONAL PROBLEM IT DOES  NOT MEET MOST HOMEOWNER INSURNACE POLICY STANDARDS. Updating your wiring to MAKE IT SAFE CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE, so it’s important that your home inspector checks closely.

5 Issues to Look For When Buying an Old House in New Jersey

2. Faulty appliances

In addition to electrical work and wiring itself, a lot of old homes make use of outdated EQUIPMENT, THAT OFTEN consume excess energy and might require replacement. Before purchasing, know which COMPONENTS IN THE HOME s are part of the deal and whether they’re worth keeping.

3. Roofing issues

Though still standing tall, old homes do suffer a lot of wear and tear. This means that roofing issues that emerge as a result of weather conditions, accidents, or internal issues such as plumbing can set you back significantly. A thorough Home inspections NJ will include a roof inspection, missing shingles, broken slates and drains BY USING A LADDER, BINOCULARS OR DRONE IF YOUR INSPECTOR HAS A CURRENT FAA CERTIFICATION AND IF THE FLIGHT WILL BE SAFE AND ALLOWABLE.

4. Problems with the plumbing

Plumbing is yet another major problem in older houses since their piping and groundwork tends to be very old. Leakages, blockages, insufficient water pressures, problems with the temperature, dirty or contaminated water are all among prevalent issues that old houses might have.5 Issues to Look For When Buying an Old House in New Jersey

5. Pest problem

As a result of their often larger size, age, constant use—or negligence, and use of materials such as wood, it’s easy to have a serious pest infestation. Your home inspector will be able to check for pests, such as termites.

There are several other issues that can emerge, however, some homes can be in prime condition. It varies from property to property and how well the current owners/caretakers have maintained it. If you’re looking for a home inspection in Passaic County, call us in for an evaluation and we’ll ensure you’re moving into a safe, beautiful old house!


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